The Louisiana Engineering Foundation was incorporated in 1978 by a group of Louisiana professional engineers, members of the Louisiana Engineering Society and other professional engineering groups. Its purpose was, and continues to be, the promotion of activities to support and strengthen the profession of engineering. The original officers were: Vincent A. Forte, P.E., President; A.J. Szabo, P.E., Vice President; Guy W. Miller, P.E., Secretary; and James L. Meyer, P.E., Treasurer. Mr. R. Carlton “Doc” Spears was appointed Executive Secretary.

The stated objectives of the Louisiana Engineering Foundation are to promote charitable, educational and scientific objectives. More specifically, its goals are:
1) To grant scholarships and fellowships to students in support of engineering;
2) To provide guidance and information to high school and college students who are interested in engineering careers;
3) To provide opportunities in the form of seminars, workshops and classes for practicing engineers to continue their education development;
4) To disseminate engineering information beneficial to the interested public; and
5) To establish and maintain an Engineering Center.

What's New

The Louisiana Engineering Foundation has several scholarships available to undergraduate engineering students attending a Louisiana University. Please see the link to the universal application below. Applications will be accepted beginning in October 2020.

Universal Scholarship Application

2021 Louisiana Engineering Foundation Engineering Faculty Professionalism Awards Criteria & Recipients

2021 Vincent A. Forte Graduate School Fellowship

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