Meeting Room Policy

The Louisiana Engineering Foundation (LEF) has meeting room space available at the Engineering Center at 9643 Brookline Ave., Baton Rouge, LA.  The primary purpose of the conference room is to provide facilities for activities and programs related to the LEF’s goals and objectives.  The conference room may be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.
The fact that the LEF has authorized a group to meet in the conference room does not constitute endorsement or sponsorship of the organization or the views expressed by the group as a whole or by individual participants in the meetings.


  1. Conference room is reserved on a first-come, first serve basis.
  2. The conference room may be reserved free-of-charge by the Engineering Center tenant organizations, which must complete and submit an application for use on a yearly basis.
  3. Meetings that would interfere with the work of the tenant organizations, or disturb employees because of noise or other factors, are not permitted.
  4. Each organization using the facilities is responsible for discipline and reasonable care of the conference room, kitchen, bathroom, and furnishings, and is financially responsible for damages to facilities, equipment or contents.
  5. After the conference room has been reserved, groups are responsible for arranging their own meetings and make their own arrangements for special equipment, audiovisual etc.
  6. The conference room and kitchen are to be left in a neat and orderly condition.  The using group must remove any clutter caused by their activities.  Trash containers and/or trash bags will be made available. Groups are responsible to bring their own kitchen supplies, including dish towels, dish detergent, and paper towels. No food and beverages shall be served on the carpeted areas, unless an appropriate protective covering is placed over the carpet where the food and beverages are being served. If the area is not left in a clean and orderly condition following an event, the using group shall be charged the cost of cleaning and /or repairs required to return the area in question to the condition prior to the event.
  7. LEF is not responsible for equipment, supplies, or other items owned by a group and used in the building. Any additional tables should be picked up immediately following the end of a meeting. Any furniture moved should be returned to its original place.
  8. The conference room may be reserved by adults only. The facility is not a public study hall and should not be scheduled for group study unless accompanied by a teacher or parent. Youth organizations must have an adult sponsor.
  9. Groups are responsible to disarm and arm the security system upon arrival and departure.  Groups are responsible to turn off all inside lights, including halls and bathrooms, and to lock all exterior doors upon departure.
  10. If a group cancels the use of the conference room, the contact person must notify the LEF 24 hours in advance of the scheduled meeting.
  11. The Louisiana Engineering Center is a non-smoking and alcohol free facility.
  12. If groups or individuals violate any of these policies, the Louisiana Engineering Foundation Meeting Room Committee retains the right to cancel subsequent use of the facilities by the group.