Tenants - About Each Tenant

The Louisiana Engineering Society Since 1898 LES has been the flag bearer for the licensure and professional practice of engineering in Louisiana. The Society represents the individual engineer in all technical disciplines and all occupational areas of practice, including construction, education, government, industry and private practice. Our organization is dedicated to the continuous advancement of the professional engineer.
The American Council of Engineering Companies of Louisiana (ACEC/L) is a non-profit business-oriented member association with the primary purpose of assisting engineering companies in achieving a higher degree of business success.
The Louisiana Society of Professional Surveyor’s goal is to carry out our mission by maintaining high technical and cultural standards in our field, working with educational institutions in the maintenance of high standards of education in Land Surveying, requiring a high standard of ethical practice by our members, and encouraging the personal and professional development of young Land Surveyors.
The Louisiana Board of Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors  was established by the Louisiana Legislature in 1908. It is the regulatory board for Professional Engineers and Professional Surveyors, and state law says LAPELS’ mission is to “safeguard life, health, and property and to promote the public welfare.
The Louisiana Board of Professional Geoscientists  was established to be the licensing authority to certify individuals to practice geoscience with regard to providing a required geoscientific evaluation for said projects in the state of Louisiana. The goal of licensing is to protect the public health, safety and welfare and to guard the state’s natural resources with regard to environmental and civil projects where a geoscientific review and evaluation is required in the making of recommendations of any geoscientific components of said projects.